Got Married Without a Prenup? Here’s How to Protect Your Assets

Patricia TichenorLegal

post-marital agreement

Premarital agreements, often referred to as prenups or prenuptial agreements, are relatively mainstream now.  However, many people might not be aware that there are measures you can take after you tie the knot to protect your assets in the event of a divorce. While it may not be “romantic” to discuss a potential split with your spouse, creating a post-marital agreement can provide important legal protections for both spouses.  Read on to learn about the … Read More

How and Why Should I Draft a Prenuptial/Premarital Agreement?

Patricia TichenorLegal

couple signing a premarital agreement

Many engaged couples who had planned a 2020 wedding have been forced to postpone their celebration in light of COVID-19. Now, these couples have a lot more time to ponder the legal aspects of marriage rather than just focusing on the big day. While you and your fiancé are quarantined, take some time to consider creating a prenuptial or premarital agreement to protect the assets you’re each bringing to the marriage. While talking about a … Read More