Got Married Without a Prenup? Here’s How to Protect Your Assets

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post-marital agreement

Premarital agreements, often referred to as prenups or prenuptial agreements, are relatively mainstream now.  However, many people might not be aware that there are measures you can take after you tie the knot to protect your assets in the event of a divorce. While it may not be “romantic” to discuss a potential split with your spouse, creating a post-marital agreement can provide important legal protections for both spouses.  Read on to learn about the … Read More

How to Handle a Contested Stepparent Adoption in Virginia

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If you have a biological child from a previous relationship and got remarried, you may have considered having your new spouse adopt your child. A stepparent adoption can give your spouse permanent parental rights and legally cement your family bond. As part of this process, your child’s other biological parent must sign an affidavit giving their consent (if they are living and their identity is known) – but what happens if your ex contests the … Read More

6 Emotions You May Feel During Your Divorce

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emotions of divorce

Divorce can feel lonely and isolating, but you’re not alone in it. Here are some common emotions you may feel and experience during a separation and divorce.