Allison Received Support for Her DIY Divorce on Her Schedule

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It took months of working with a mediator to reach [a] property settlement agreement with my former spouse. At that stage, I needed help making sense of the process to file for divorce, and I didn’t have much patience or money left to work through those details. Fortunately, Ms. Tichenor told me about services she provides through My Legal Case Coach. I was able to select the package appropriate to my situation, including a few … Read More

Victoria’s DIY Divorce Process Ran Quickly and Smoothly

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Experiencing divorce at a relatively young age, I was unprepared for what exactly the process entailed, and was quickly overwhelmed when doing research on the topic. Patricia Tichenor had assisted my parents in other legal matters, and recommended I reach out to her. She was extremely quick in response, and understanding of my situation with exceptional empathy and knowledge. Her coaching was easy to understand, and she made herself readily available when I had questions … Read More

Shazia Got the Support She Needed for Herself and Her Children in Her Divorce

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Contemplating divorce was not easy, and thinking about which lawyer to hire was another daunting task. I am thankful that a dear friend and renowned corporate attorney (Michael Horwatt) recommended Patricia Tichenor and My Legal Case Coach. From the minute I spoke to Patricia, I knew I wanted her to help coach me in how to handle my divorce case. Patricia’s experience spoke volumes and her focus was on what mattered the most: myself and … Read More

Julie Beat an Experienced Attorney in Court

Like many people, I went through a difficult and costly divorce.  Just when I thought it was over, my ex-husband took me back to court to ask that I be held in contempt for allegedly not following our court order.  I could not afford to spend thousands of dollars to hire an attorney to defend me against what I saw as pure harassment by my ex.  I learned about Ms. Tichenor’s plans to launch of … Read More

Kenneth’s DIY Divorce

After a twenty year relationship with my wife and our young children, our lives started to grow apart.  Our separation was not because of any outside circumstances and we drew on the strength of our long friendship to amicably decide all the important matters.  When it came to formalizing the legal part of our divorce, I did not need to go to war against my wife, but I did need the compassion and professionalism of … Read More