Child & Family Issues

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Your child means everything to you. You want what’s best for them in all circumstances, especially if they’re at the center of a court decision that will impact their future.

Legal matters regarding minor children can be tricky. The most common family law cases involving minors are divorce and custody arrangements, but other circumstances – such as guardian appointment in the absence or incapacitation of a child’s natural parents – may bring a child’s fate before a judge.

The Court’s first priority is ensuring a child’s safety and well-being, and they want to make sure whomever they are granting custody or guardianship to is fit for the task. These cases are often paperwork-intensive, so you’ll need to pay extra attention and confirm that you have everything filled out and filed correctly.

You may also need to appear in court if you and your ex-spouse have an existing custody, visitation, or child support arrangement from your final order of divorce that you now wish to change. Any amendments to such previously agreed arrangements must be carefully evaluated and deemed to be in the best interest of the child(ren).

My Legal Case Coach specializes in family law and can provide guidance on numerous child-related cases, including:

  • Custody, Visitation, Child, and Spousal Support Matters
  • Uncontested Step-Parent Adoption
  • Guardianship of a Minor Child

We can also help you appoint a legal guardian and conservator for an adult child or relative who is unable to care for themselves. As with other child-related cases, an adult guardianship appointment requires a lot of documentation. You’ll need to ensure that everything is properly filed to make your arrangement legal.

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