DIY Legal vs. Hiring an Attorney

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If you’re facing a family law or probate matter, you may be considering self-representation — also known as pro se representation. The biggest advantage of representing yourself in court is the cost savings compared to retaining an attorney — but there’s no question that DIY legal cases can be intimidating, especially if you are unfamiliar with the laws or court procedures.

Here’s what you should know about DIY legal vs. hiring an attorney, and how to determine which path is right for you.

Benefits of DIY legal over hiring an attorney

Many people choose the DIY legal route to save on attorney fees. After all, unless you are a corporate entity, you are not required to have professional legal representation to appear before a Court. Here are a few good reasons to consider representing yourself in your case:

1. It saves you money.

Court fees, filing fees, notary fees, and other expenses prior to your day in court will add up, making it crucial to have the proper know-how without breaking the bank. DIY legal, especially programs such as My Legal Case Coach, give assistance with representation at a fraction of the price of hiring an attorney to represent you.

2. It can speed up the process on your end.

Working with an attorney can be helpful when it comes to legal guidance and know-how, but it also means all your court documents and proceedings happen on your attorney’s schedule. When you’re representing yourself, you can complete and file your paperwork on your timeline, which may be faster than waiting for an attorney’s office hours to complete critical legal forms and filing steps.

3. You can still consult a legal professional for help behind-the-scenes.

One of the biggest reasons people do opt for legal representation is the attorney’s in-depth expertise and familiarity with the Court. However, representing yourself doesn’t mean you can’t still get sound legal advice from a professional. DIY legal coaching services like My Legal Case Coach can assist you in completing the proper case forms and navigating the legal system, all while empowering you to represent yourself confidently. A legal coach can help you make the best decisions for your case at a fraction of the cost of retaining an attorney.

Why you should still get legal help, even if you’re representing yourself

Family law cases like divorce, custody and visitation, step-parent adoption, and legal guardianship are often complex and require numerous Court forms and filing steps. DIY legal comes with the huge risk of making a mistake during the process, which could delay your case significantly.

This is why we always recommend having at least some legal assistance as you prepare for your case. While you may not need to pay an attorney to represent you in court, it can be incredibly beneficial to have an experienced legal coach assist you through the entire process.

At My Legal Case Coach, we take a unique approach to legal assistance. We’ve developed sets of templatized forms specifically for your Virginia family law or probate case based on our founding attorney’s two decades of legal experience. These easy-to-use forms help you take the guesswork out of filing your case.

But we don’t just give you a downloadable set of forms. When you purchase one of MLCC’s case form packets, you also get one (1) complimentary hour of virtual coaching with an experienced attorney on your schedule to help you take the next steps.

If you’re looking for more guidance or need longer than an hour with your coach, we offer affordable prepaid blocks of ongoing coaching time to help with your case strategy, document preparation, trial preparation, additional legal guidance, and more. We also offer a la carte by the hour coaching at a flat rate.

Check out MLCC’s coaching options or schedule a free 15-minute consultation about your upcoming case today.