What to Expect from Your First Legal Coaching Session

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Family law and probate matters are often complicated. Tackling these issues alone can be intimidating, particularly if you don’t have legal experience. However, retaining an attorney to represent you might not be in your budget.

That’s why My Legal Case Coach (MLCC) offers flexible, affordable legal services for Virginia residents who are taking a DIY approach to their case. Our easy-to-use, templatized legal case form packets, combined with our convenient, 1:1 virtual legal coaching services, empower our clients to feel confident and prepared when they file their case.

MLCC specializes in family law matters such as divorce, child/spousal support, custody and visitation, legal guardianships/conservatorships, step-parent adoption, and legal name changes, as well as probate matters. If you’re filing a case in one of these areas and choose to work with MLCC, here’s what you can expect from your legal coaching sessions.

Our DIY legal services: What you get with MLCC

For most of our clients, the DIY legal journey with MLCC begins with choosing one of our legal case form packets. Preparing your own legal forms can be the most stressful part of representing yourself, especially if you aren’t sure which ones apply to your case or how to complete them correctly.

To help you through this process, MLCC offers a variety of legal case form packets covering many common family law circumstances. We have over 100 templates for legal forms and documents, complete with step-by-step instructions. (Not sure which packets are right for your case? Take our quiz to find out.)

But My Legal Case Coach offers more than just a packet of legal documents. We provide you with everything you need to navigate your DIY legal case, including customized, 1:1 assistance from a licensed Virginia attorney. When you purchase one of our case form packets, you will also receive one hour of complimentary legal coaching with one of our experienced Virginia attorneys.

If your legal matters require a more in-depth approach or you just need additional support, you can purchase extra blocks of coaching time with your coach (more on that below).

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How our legal coaching sessions work

Our unique DIY legal coaching model grants you virtual access to your Case Coach via email, phone, and web-based meeting platforms (Skype, Zoom, and Loom), all on your schedule. We know that life happens outside of regular office hours, so for your convenience, our coaches offer flexible scheduling options, including late-night and weekend availability.

During your complimentary first coaching session, your Case Coach will review the details of your case and any legal forms you may have completed so far. During our hour together, your coach can provide insight into your case and legal strategy, assist with completing your packets, help you draft custom legal forms not included in your packet, and guide you through the trial preparation process.

We know you may have additional questions as you continue preparing your case. If you’ve completed your free hour of coaching and need further assistance, MLCC offers the following prepaid coaching packages:

  • 3 hours for $600, or $200/hour
  • 5 hours for $750, or $150/hour (our most popular option!)
  • 10 hours for $1,000, or $100/hour

If you don’t need a full block of time, we also offer a la carte coaching sessions at the rate of $250/hour.

Whether you’re new to the world of DIY legal or just need additional support with your case, MLCC is here to help you every step of the way. With easy-to-use legal packets and ongoing support from experienced attorneys, you’ll have all the tools you need to successfully navigate your Virginia legal case – all at an affordable price point.

Want to make sure MLCC is right for you? Book a free 15-minute consultation, or take our quiz to determine if your case qualifies for our services.