How People Use My Legal Case Coach for Ongoing Coaching Services

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ongoing legal coaching services

My Legal Case Coach offers one free hour of virtual 1:1 legal coaching with the purchase of any of our case form packets. But we also offer prepaid blocks of coaching time, which can be used for any number of DIY civil court cases, including family law and probate.

Because of our fully virtual platform, we are able to coach clients from all over Virginia or even out of state if they have a legal issue in Virginia. Here are some unique ways MLCC clients have used our ongoing coaching services:

1. Pre-divorce planning

MLCC has helped countless clients with pre-divorce planning to understand what they should do or think about before announcing separation to their spouse, and what to expect step-by-step after they do so. This has included coming up with a plan for whether to retain an attorney or work on a proposed settlement, whether to begin a “financial separation” in terms of separating any banking accounts, credit cards, or other debts, whether to move out or remain in the same residence, and how to approach setting up a custody/visitation schedule.

2. Reviewing and responding to discovery requests

The discovery process in court refers to the beginning of a trial, when both parties exchange information about witnesses and evidence they’ll present at trial. We offer assistance to clients who have received discovery requests by reviewing and responding to such requests in a contested family law case. That way, they pay a lot less in legal fees than they would having a full-service law firm work on them instead.

3. Drafting discovery and subpoenaing records

In addition to reviewing and responding to existing discovery requests, MLCC helps with drafting discovery requests if you are representing yourself in a family law matter and need help preparing your own discovery. We also offer guidance on how to subpoena records (or request records from someone, e.g. a witness) in a DIY contested custody or divorce matter.

4. Handling multi-child step-parent adoption case

Multi-child adoption cases are no easy feat to tackle alone — especially when the natural father’s whereabouts are not known. If the father is not available to give consent, this type of case becomes much more complex. MLCC helps clients handle such step-parent adoption cases so they can still follow through on their wishes.

5. Supporting clients pursuing DIY civil expungements

Expungement is when a person seeks to remove or destroy a criminal record. MLCC has coached clients on how to handle their own civil expungement to deal with an arrest record for a case which may have been dismissed or nolle prossed.

6. Guiding families through probate

MLCC works with families representing themselves in Probate who do not need the form packets we offer, but do need more expert guidance to ensure they are getting things right. This has included “pre-death” or “advance” coaching where it is known that a loved one will die very soon and what steps should be taken ahead of time to avoid family conflict.

7. Coaching clients through show cause hearings

MLCC has coached clients on how to defend themselves against a show cause (contempt) action taken against them by former spouse in both the Juvenile and Domestic Relations court case and Circuit Court.  In addition, we have helped those clients file a proper Counter or Cross-Rule to Show Cause against their former spouse related to their own violations of the existing custody order; how to organize exhibits for their hearing, and to understand the best approach during trial to defending themselves and properly prosecuting their own claims.

8. Acting as a ‘go-to’ for any DIY legal questions

MLCC acts as the “go-to” for clients. We are available to answer any questions during a stressful contested case, when it is too costly to call on an attorney or the attorney is not as available to provide that kind of hand-holding or ongoing support. This helps the client keep a better focus and understand what to do or not do that might make things worse for their case, while making their overall legal costs more affordable than retaining an attorney.

Get the legal help you need on your schedule with MLCC

My Legal Case Coach offers ongoing coaching services at affordable prices. Our hourly coaching can be purchased in prepaid blocks for as low as $100 an hour, a fraction of the cost of retaining an attorney to represent you. MLCC is also available on your schedule, including mornings, evenings, and weekends. Schedule your complimentary consultation with us today to discuss your DIY legal needs.