Representing Yourself in Court? 3 Good Reasons to Consider a Legal Coach

Patricia TichenorLegal

woman meeting virtually with legal coach

If you’re handling a DIY family law or probate matter, you may not have the in-depth legal knowledge and expertise to feel confident about representing yourself. This is where a legal coach can help you.

Legal coaches can help you prepare for your case by reviewing documents, recommending resources, and providing legal guidance so you can work toward the most favorable outcome. Here’s what you should know about working with a legal coach and why you should consider hiring one for your DIY case.

What is a legal coach?

A legal coach is an attorney who provides legal advice to clients who are representing themselves in court (also known as pro se representation). While the coach does not represent their client in the courtroom, they serve as a valuable guide to the legal system, which can often be complex and confusing for the average layperson.

The scope of a legal coach depends on the agreement set between the client and coach. A legal coach may assist clients in the following ways:

  • Guiding a client through the court process and procedures involved
  • Providing legal advice or legal strategy from their own experience as an attorney
  • Assisting with drafting and reviewing legal documents while providing recommendations
  • Advising the client with the correct legal terminology to use in the courtroom
  • Setting realistic and achievable goals to reach before, during, and after trial

Legal coaching vs. legal counsel

Obtaining legal counsel means you are retaining an attorney to handle every element of your case for you, including filing paperwork, communicating with the opposing party (or their attorney), and representing you in court. Legal coaching services, including My Legal Case Coach, provides a bridge between self-representation and retaining legal counsel.

The benefits of using a legal coach

When representing yourself in a legal case such as a divorce, a custody hearing, a probate matter, or other type of civil court matter, guidance from a legal coach can help you ensure you’re on the right track. Here are some benefits of using a legal coach:

It’s more affordable than retaining an attorney.

Full-service legal representation ultimately adds up, and there are many cases where it can be more cost-effective to represent yourself. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Having a legal coach gives you the best of both worlds by providing you with legal assistance at a fraction of the price of full-service legal.

You’ll get help completing your court documents properly.

It’s essential that court documents are accurately filled out and filed to avoid delays or penalties. Many people make mistakes on court documents that could have been avoided if they’d had a legal professional review it. A legal coach can provide you with recommendations for your court documents and find any errors before they’re filed. They can also help you with the ideal phrasing of certain sections of your legal case forms to protect your interests.

Your coach can help you navigate the complexities of the legal system.

A legal coach can assist you in aspects of your case that may be confusing. This includes educating you on court procedures and nuances that may be involved when presenting your specific case to the court, such as filing deadlines and supporting documentation requirements.

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